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Photography & Society

3 types of artists are represented by 3 different paintings

Type of artists and their color behavior

  When we were young, people often judged us by our zodiac sign, ascendant,...
Foto von kira schwarz von Pexels

Minding the Gender Gap in Photography

Photography Through the Woman’s POV It’s a remarkable achievement to have something named after...
Covid-19 World is temporarily closed

Photography in the time of early COVID-19

As 2020 reached its dramatic conclusion, and the world approached the one-year anniversary of...

A heart-warming Story of Nina Kramberger

It’s easy to see at the moment how the Coronavirus pandemic is not psychologically...
Magazine page - Lois Vuitton - L'Ame du Voyage with retouching lable

Revisiting the Photographie Retouchée Label: Is it effective?

France is often described as the standard-bearer of the world for high-end culture and...
Magazine page (Fendi advertising) with retouching lable

Presence analysis of the retouching label “Photographie retouchée” 2019

MK Retouching investigated different Vogue Paris on retouching labels in 2019 after the first...
Book from MK Retouching with studies about the retouching lable Photographie retouchée

Presence analysis of the retouching label “Photographie retouchée” 2018

MK Retouching investigated popular fashion magazines on retouching labels in research in Paris. These...
Metro station advertising with retouching lable for Galeries Lafayette - Printemps - Été Collection Paris

Retouching label “Photographie retouchée” – A tour through France

Presence of the retouching label in public How to deal with an avoidable retouching...
Magazine page - Special Collection Gigi Hadid for Vogue eyewear - with retouching lable

Warning signs for adverts: The French retouching label “Photographie retouchée”

Background to the adoption of legal measures In France, studies have come to the...
Magazine page with Photographie retouchée including model with clothing, handbag (Hermes)

Advertising with and for women?

Presence of advertising Media are everywhere: They reinforce values, offer models of behavior, shape...
Photo by Lukas Gevaert from Pexels

The ethnical responsibility in beauty retouching

I recently had an interview on the ethnical responsibility of retouching. I found the...

Biological mechanisms that defines beauty

What is beauty according to science? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....