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05 Jun 2020

Capture One Pro Tips – Easy Dust Spot Finder & Removal Tools

So far, removing dust spots has been one of the first steps in post-production. Previously, there were two ways to do this: While the limited number of 100 points within the Remove Spot option in Capture One 12 was quite unflexible and of course limited, Photoshop was more time-consuming but more accurate and flexible in the shape of the correction area. There we used the combination of our Solar Curve (= Dust Spot Finder) and Healing Brush/Spot Healing Brush. Some time passed […]

10 Apr 2020

How to reduce file sizes – from RAW to PSD to JPEG

Large amounts of data are generated during post-production – previews, composits, layered and non-layered versions, revisions etc. – also for the client. These files consume storage space and must be backed up. Ultimately, we have to keep an eye on our files and reduce the file size to a minimum – of course without loss of quality. Minimize RAW files Dotphoton Raw offers lossless compression of RAW files with up to 80% file size reduction. Check out there website to get […]

10 Jan 2020
2-Point Curve as best option to do Dodge&Burn

Dodge & Burn – Different methods compared

Dodge & Burn is a subject where opinions differ. There are many ways to make areas in the picture lighter or darker. We quickly discuss the different methods and test them for suitability – there are sky-wide differences. Dodge & Burn Tools (DE: Abwedler & Nachbelichter) Photoshop has always offered two tools for Dodge & Burn. Surely everyone has experienced this situation: take the Dodge tool and painted around in the picture, oops done too much, used the Burn tool […]

10 Dec 2019
File structure to display the right black and white version for D&B

Luminosity vs Brightness

Author: Stefan Kohler Conny Wallström posted a video on YouTube about “Brightness vs Luminosity inside of Photoshop”. As always a somewhat more technical topic, but fascinating: It is about the possibilities of transforming an image into its black-and-white representation. Especially when you use this as help layer while retouching, you have to be extremely careful — otherwise you get massive color problems very quickly. Conny shows the different interpretation possibilities in Photoshop:   The initial picture: Here we have 6 […]

10 Oct 2019
banding on background

Banding – the whole truth in a nutshell

Author: Stefan Kohler Presumably, each of you knows: You retouched forever on an image, retouched the fingers sore and if you want to show the final image quite strange rings in color gradients arises. These rings are called “banding” and are nothing more than tonal value demolitions. Before I explain where these tonal separations come from and how to avoid them, I would like to show you a small example: As you can see in the background, we have — just on […]