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Data Storage for Photographers: What you need to know

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Every profession has its own unique concerns that can negatively impact the work. For filmmakers and photographers, one of those concerns is losing crucial data and files. It’s a fear you’ve probably felt yourself, or at least tucked away in the back of your mind during shoots.

What if I accidentally delete files? What if my backup equipment fails? What if there’s a programming or hardware glitch?

Luckily, with reliable habits and an understanding of how data storage works, you can alleviate these concerns. Our colleague Hendrikus De Vaan created a comprehensive and informative video about data storage and backup strategies specifically for photographers and filmmakers. He breaks down how data storage works, makes key recommendations about software and hardware, and explains why some options are more ideal than others. Topics covered include:

  • Direct-attached storage (DAS) options
  • Why RAID (redundant array of inexpensive/independent disks) is not a backup solution for film and photo data storage
  • Local backup management and file-syncing software options
  • How to use FreeFileSync as a reliable backup
  • Cloud-based backup recommendations
  • How to restore data in case both of your local drives fail
  • How to optimize your backup routine
  • A recommended data storage setup that’s robust and affordable.

Check out Hendrikus’ video below for full details!

There are so many ways photographers and filmmakers can safeguard their data and their work. What are your tried-and-true backup processes? What lessons have you learned the hard way? Did you use Blackblaze already? Let’s generate some even more helpful tips and tricks in the comments!

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