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The little cooling helpers against heat in the office

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Do you feel exhausted from the last hot summer days and would like to spend a few more weeks relaxed and cooler?

Over the years, I have listened to many strategies from friends and colleagues on how they deal with heat in their workplace while summer. This ranged from cold footbaths to vests with integrated cold packs.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to unpack these relative big specialties undisturbed and, something like this is always associated with justification.

That’s why we have different tips and tricks for you on how to cool down – a little more inconspicuously – on hot days.

1: Cooling Body Sprays

We have put together our 3 top products for you to save you long online research:

2: Face Cooling

3: Foot Cooling

Especially suitable if you should wear high shoes (not only perfect after a long partying night).

4: Arm/ Forehead/ Neck Cooling

We hope that this blog article will help you to stay productive in the summer months as well.

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