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Biohacking for Retouchers: How Light Can Improve Your Health & Performance (1)

  What is Biohacking? In recent years, the emerging field of biohacking has gained...

The perfect light setup for post-production (1)

Choose the right conditions and workspace for your needs and get the best results.

How to identify the Hobbyist Photographer from the Professional

Photography Reaches the Everyman The turn of the 20th century introduced a groundbreaking instrument...

How to be productive: Timeular Timetracking

Time-tracking? If the word time tracking is used, my first association is permanent employment,...
Photo by Daria Sannikova from Pexels

How to be productive (as a retoucher)

An incredible number of books have been written on this subject: how do you become...
Foto von Luis Quintero von Pexels

How to reduce file sizes – from RAW to PSD to JPEG

Large amounts of data are generated during post-production – previews, composites, layered and non-layered...