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The reason why we think "previews first" is the best option:
Through continuous and open communication, we work closely with our clients for the best possible result. We know that quality, speed and budget is key factors so we always tailor our service for the specific needs. Those specific needs can only be taken into consideration when getting to know the images, the context of usage and the client's style better. Every images needs another specific amount of retouching and a different style.
Based on the hourly rate the cost estimate will be a fixed price. The price normally includes one feedback round.

Price estimates for future projects are possible by sending similar reference images (moodboards), your previous work (website link) and as much further project information as possible.

Required information

- Preview images for the quote
- Full resolution images for editing (RAW-files; .eip; .tiff)
- Total number of images
- Color space, color profile (I can give a recommendation)
- Job Duration: One Time/ Ongoing, Deadline(s)
- Special requirements e.g. specific color values (optional)
- PDF with notes/ markups (optional)
- Mood board/ reference images for color/skin/style (optional)
- Use case for the images (Print - surface, size, viewing distance/ Web - Social Media Channel)
- Previous work (website), own workflow, layered PSD (optional)
- Preferred communication channel (Mail, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.)
- Preferred file sharing system (Wetransfer, Dropbox, Picdrop, others)
- Contact person (while holidays, agency/brand information process)

Fogra certified proofs can be provided on request

Turnaround time

It depends a lot on the current workload and the given deadline.
Right from the start we inform our clients about our availability for the projects.
Confirmed projects will always be finished within the given time.

Retouching Education

On this website you can find a blog section. We currently work on extending it even further.
A retouching tutorial is currently being planned for 2020.