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Photo by PNW Production from Pexels

Groundbreaking Fashion Photographers: Part 3

One of the most popular American movies of the 2000s is The Devil Wears...
Magazine page (Fendi advertising) with retouching lable

Presence analysis of the retouching label “Photographie retouchée” 2019

MK Retouching investigated different Vogue Paris on retouching labels in 2019 after the first...

The Power of Images in Advertising: How Our Brains Process People Images

“Our language culture is in a rapid transition to a visual culture” (Franke, 1997,...
Book from MK Retouching with studies about the retouching lable Photographie retouchée

Presence analysis of the retouching label “Photographie retouchée” 2018

MK Retouching investigated popular fashion magazines on retouching labels in research in Paris. These...

Retouching relevance of footage

Almost every one of us is seeking a change of one kind or another....
Magazine page with Photographie retouchée including model with clothing, handbag (Hermes)

Advertising with and for women?

Presence of advertising Media are everywhere: They reinforce values, offer models of behavior, shape...