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Retouching Techniques

sharpening for billboards

Resharpening for printing

We know the problem – you want to send a (hopefully) cleanly edited image...
Photo by ROMBO from Pexels

The concept of sharpness

You see them again and again, totally over-sharpened images. Funny Jesus halos were created,...
Camera Lenses

Capture One Pro Tips – Easy Dust Spot Finder & Removal Tools

So far, removing dust spots has been one of the first steps in post-production....

The “Solar Curve” (Solarization curve)

What is the “Solar Curve”? The “Solar Curve” looks like a wave created from...
File structure to display the right black and white version for D&B

Luminosity vs Brightness

Conny Wallström posted a video on YouTube about “Brightness vs. Luminosity inside of Photoshop”....
2-Point Curve as best option to do Dodge&Burn

Dodge & Burn – Different methods compared

Dodge & Burn is a subject where opinions differ. There are many ways to...
banding on background

Banding – the whole truth in a nutshell

Presumably, each of you knows: You retouched forever on an image, retouched the fingers...