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Retouching Techniques

sharpening for billboards

Learn the Optimal Image Sharpening Formula for Printing

  We understand the issue at hand – you want to ensure your edited...
Photo by ROMBO from Pexels

Sharpening & Contrast: The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Perfectly Sharp Photos

You keep seeing them again and again: images that are over-sharpened to the point...

Maximizing Efficiency: The Benefits of Using Capture One 20 for Dust Spot Removal

Up until now, removing dust spots has been one of the first steps in...

Discover the Power of a “Solar Curve” for Precise Photo Editing

What is the “Solar Curve”? The “Solar Curve” looks like a wave created from...
File structure to display the right black and white version for D&B

Why Luminosity and Brightness Matter in Photoshop: A Comprehensive Guide

Conny Wallstr√∂m recently posted a video on YouTube titled “Brightness vs. Luminosity Inside of...
2-Point Curve as best option to do Dodge&Burn

Discover the Best Dodge and Burn Techniques

  The Dodge & Burn technique can be approached in different ways and there...
banding on background

Banding – the whole truth in a nutshell

Presumably, all of you know the feeling: you spend hours retouching an image, editing...