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This new course, Professional Retouching for Product Photography in Photoshop, will show you how...
Left: Dianne Newman, 1966, Neal Barr. Gelatin silver print, 17 x 13 7/8 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Purchased with funds provided by the Photographs Council. © Neal Barr. Right: Black Evening Dress, New York, negative 1963; print 1994, Hiro. Dye imbibition print, 19 1/4 x 15 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Purchased with funds provided by the Photographs Council. © Hiro

Groundbreaking Fashion Photographers: Part 2

To anyone in the fashion and publication industry, Diana Vreeland is a household name....

A Practical Approach to Refraction Photography

When you were a kid, have you ever tried to pick up a stick...

Hair science & how it affects Photography

When professionally photographing, every little thing counts. Photography equipment itself and lighting play a...
Covid-19 World is temporarily closed

Photography in the time of early COVID-19

As 2020 reached its dramatic conclusion, and the world approached the one-year anniversary of...

A heart-warming Story of Nina Kramberger

It’s easy to see at the moment how the Coronavirus pandemic is not psychologically...
Magazine page - Lois Vuitton - L'Ame du Voyage with retouching lable

Revisiting the Photographie Retouchée Label: Is it effective?

France is often described as the standard-bearer of the world for high-end culture and...

How to be productive: Timeular Timetracking

Time-tracking? If the word time tracking is used, my first association is permanent employment,...
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Are you a Photographer or a Retoucher? Read these books.

Every retoucher’s first steps.  When I was starting out, and I was retouching my...
Photo by Daria Sannikova from Pexels

How to be productive (as a retoucher)

An incredible number of books have been written on this subject: how do you become...
Foto von Dazzle Jam von Pexels

Masking with Difference masking: Easy!

When to use this masking method There are many options for masking objects and...

Maximizing Efficiency: The Benefits of Using Capture One 20 for Dust Spot Removal

Up until now, removing dust spots has been one of the first steps in...
Magazine page (Fendi advertising) with retouching lable

Presence analysis of the retouching label “Photographie retouchée” 2019

MK Retouching investigated different Vogue Paris on retouching labels in 2019 after the first...

Aging and anatomy in retouching

  Facial aging is a complex process that involves changes in both soft tissue...
Foto von Luis Quintero von Pexels

How to reduce file sizes – from RAW to PSD to JPEG

Large amounts of data are generated during post-production – previews, composites, layered and non-layered...

Discover the Power of a “Solar Curve” for Precise Photo Editing

What is the “Solar Curve”? The “Solar Curve” looks like a wave created from...
2-Point Curve as best option to do Dodge&Burn

Discover the Best Dodge and Burn Techniques

  The Dodge & Burn technique can be approached in different ways and there...
banding on background

Banding – the whole truth in a nutshell

Presumably, all of you know the feeling: you spend hours retouching an image, editing...
Book from MK Retouching with studies about the retouching lable Photographie retouchée

Presence analysis of the retouching label “Photographie retouchée” 2018

MK Retouching investigated popular fashion magazines on retouching labels in research in Paris. These...

Retouching relevance of footage

Almost every one of us is seeking a change of one kind or another....
Magazine page - Special Collection Gigi Hadid for Vogue eyewear - with retouching lable

Warning signs for adverts: The French retouching label “Photographie retouchée”

Background to the adoption of legal measures In France, studies have come to the...
Photo by Lukas Gevaert from Pexels

The ethnical responsibility in beauty retouching

I recently had an interview on the ethnical responsibility of retouching. I found the...

Biological mechanisms that defines beauty

What is beauty according to science? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....