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Tag : image credibility

10 Sep 2019

Image perception and mechanisms in advertising

“Our language culture is in a rapid transition to a visual culture” (Franke, 1997, quoted in Gläßel, 2010, p. 17). Considering the date of this quote – we actually live in a visual culture. In which way are (ideal body) images processed by our brains? Which tools and biologically preprogrammed patterns does advertising use to make the images more effective? These questions will be discussed in the following sections. Credibility of images Besides the impressive effect of images, there’s another dimension […]

25 Jul 2019
Magazine page (Fendi advertising) with retouching lable

Presence analysis of the retouching lable “Photographie retouchée” 2019

MK Retouching investigated different Vogue Paris on retouching lables in 2019 after her first investigation in 2018. Here you can read about the latest developments and possible forecasts. It is recommended to read the general legal context and  first study from 2018 first to understand the overall context. In the last study it could be determined that the advertisements do not change depending on the magazine. Therefore, this time only Vogue Paris was chosen as the magazine that had the […]